Construction Litigation

Jacobson Markham L.L.P. is a regional law firm with a distinguished roster of construction related clients ranging from individuals and start-up companies to multinational corporations.  We represent clients in all areas of the construction industry and litigate disputes involving a wide range of construction issues.  Jacobson Markham has an established reputation for careful analysis of real and potential risk exposure, efficient and effective case strategy and management, and thorough and meticulous preparation that has resulted in successful and advantageous trial outcomes, settlements, mediations and arbitrations in the area of construction litigation.

Through the course of litigating construction disputes, we have developed an understanding of construction industry practice and procedure, which is a benefit to our clients.   Jacobson Markham L.L.P. has frequently represented construction industry clients regarding construction delay and related claims, stop notices, payment and performance bonds, and post-completion warranty issues for both public and private projects.