Lisa Edwards v. Michael Johnson, Miller Bros. L.C., JBS Swift

On behalf of an injured Plaintiff, Richard Jacobson settled a motor vehicle accident during the second week of trial for $5,000,000.00.

Plaintiff was operating her 2006 Harley Davidson 663 Sportster motorcycle southbound on State Route 113 in normal daylight conditions when a semi-tractor trailer rig operated by defendant Johnson turned left in front of her at an uncontrolled intersection.  Johnson testified he never saw plaintiff.  An eye witness right behind defendant Johnson testified that he clearly saw plaintiff approaching, could not believe Johnson turned in front of her and felt plaintiff had no chance to avoid the collision.  Defendants ultimately admitted prior to trial that Johnson was negligent and that his negligence caused injury to plaintiff.  Defendants asserted plaintiff was also responsible.  That was the only remaining liability issue for trial. The parties stipulated to past economic damages but defendant disputed some of the future treatment plan and much of the future income loss claim. Plaintiff has been in severe disabling pain since the accident.  She returned to work briefly but could not continue.   Plaintiff was never offered more than $1.5 million dollars prior to trial.  The case settled in near the close of plaintiff’s case in the second week of trial for $5,000,000.00.