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We Fight For Your Justice As Like A Friend.

The Most Talented Law Firm

We Fight For Your Justice As Like A Friend.

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Business Litigation

Our litigation attorneys at Jacobson Markham L.L.P. assist clients with every aspect of their dispute resolution

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Construction Litigation

Through the course of litigating construction disputes, we have developed an understanding of construction industry practice

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Appeal and Writ

The core strengths of Jacobson Markham’s appellate practice include our in-depth understanding of the trial and

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Employment Litigation

Jacobson Markham provides expert legal services in the area of employment law. Including wrongful termination, sexual

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The legal issues which arise in the area of agriculture are often unique and complex. Patrick

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Products Liability

Products liability has been a sub-specialty of Jacobson Markham since its formation in 1998. Our experience

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