Employment Litigation

Jacobson Markham provides expert legal services in the area of employment law.

Including wrongful termination, sexual harrassment and discrimination litigation. The thicket which is the federal and state statutory framework for discrimination prevention contains pitfalls and windfalls for both plaintiffs and defendants in the employment setting.  Substantial expertise is necessary to navigate these statutory and decisional law rights, remedies and defenses.  The firm has a proven track record representing plaintiffs, business, public entity and private defendants in both state and federal courts.  Noteworthy cases have involved hostile work environment, physical and mental disability discrimination, religious discrimination, failure to accommodate and retaliation.  The firm specializes in making and opposing dispositive motions in the appropriate cases and has demonstrated a record of success in alternative dispute resolution and in trial.

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Title VII/FEHA
  • Hostile Environment/Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Whistleblower
  • ADA

Representative Matters

Wrongful Termination/Failure to Accomodate

Plaintiff brought a lawsuit against a suburban Sacramento school district alleging that she was constructively terminated after the District failed to engage in the “interactive process” under FEHA.  After eliminating most of plaintiff’s claims at the motion stage, Jacobson Markham negotiated a nuisance value settlement on behalf of the District.

Title VII/Religious Discrimination

Jacobson Markham obtained a defense verdict in Federal Court on behalf of a suburban Sacramento school district in a federal court trial in which a former employee alleged he had been discriminated against by his supervisors.

Disability Discrimination

Jacobson Markham won a significant monetary settlement on behalf of an employee of a national consumer products manufacturer claiming severe disability discrimination after successfully opposing a Motion for Summary Judgment resulting in a published opinion. Perez v. proctor & Gamble Manufacturing Co. 161 F.Supp.2d 1110 (2001)

Sexual Harassment/Retaliation

Won a sizeable settlement on behalf of a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation against the State of California Department of Corrections.


Received defense verdicts in State and Federal courts in cases in which alleged whistleblowers brought claims again public entities.